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Default Re: Modding my old EVGA GeForce 8800 GT video card's fan to blow heat from the PC cas

Originally Posted by Zapablast05 View Post
If you have PWM case fans, they'll adjust according to what the sensors say. My case fans are at 1250 rpm, my CPU is at 1450 rpm, PSU 1175 rpm, and GPU at 1500 rpm. Are you overclocked? That could contribute to high temps in your case, especially if your ambient air temp is hot. I would recommend reapplying thermal paste on the video card and CPU. It's not too hard. There are a lot of tutorials on youtube. I'm not sure if Arctic Silver 5 is still the go-to paste, but that's what I've always used. Keep in mind that the paste will break down after so many years that you'll have to replace it. You should see your temperature drop on your parts after like 100 hours of break-in of normal PC use.
No OCing. I don't like that stuff. I want stability. Ah OK. I will try thermal paste on the old video card later on.

BTW, when I say loud I meant the high pitch sound. Not the loud spinning (I'm OK with that).
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