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Lightbulb Upgrading from a Q6600. So many choices!

Hey everyone. So this dilemma has been bouncing around my mind and I've actually lost sleep because of it! I can't seem to decide which CPU to choose as my upgrade. My Q6600 has been a contender, but has started to show it's age recently. I mainly game on my rig, and it seems like I'm not ready for the next "Crysis" game. We all remember how hard it was to have a good frame rate with max settings on DX10 when that game released haha! Anyway, I thought about Intel and AMD respectively as my next upgrade.

Micro Center has awesome deals right now with their bundles. I even thought about grabbing an FX-6350 with a good motherboard. I can't decide for the life of me which upgrade will be the optimal choice. Either way I see it, they're all viable upgrades from a Q6600 lol.

Is the new 4670k really worth it especially because I'm coming from a Q6600? Should I stick with the critically acclaimed 3570k? The way I see it, the motherboards that are bundled with the AMD CPUs (particularly the MSI 970) have had negative reviews on Toms and other sites, so I would have to get the Asus Sabertooth FX-8320 bundle. That amount of money will put me in the ballpark for a 3570k P8Z77-V bundle and the 4670k Z87-G41 bundle. I've read many reviews on the FX and Ivy Bridge core, but not many on the Haswell core.

AMD seems to be future proof with the 8 core. I believe when more applications and games are optimized for an octomom processor, AMD (and probably Intel) will have new hardware. I do intend to overclock, so the K chip is a must. I know AMD is a pretty savvy overclocking beast. The last AMD CPU I had was an Athlon 64 X2 5200+. That was my last impression of the company, but recent reviews and performance has slandered AMD's history.

Long story short, I'm stuck between the FX-8320, FX-6350, i5-3570k, and i5-4670k. I would be spending about $15 with the motherboard thrown into the equation.

P.S.-I just got a new GTX 650Ti Boost, so the whole "save it for a better GPU" thing would really go in through one ear and out the other unless it's buy another GTX 650Ti Boost or an aftermarket CPU hsf.

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