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Default Re: Upgrading from a Q6600. So many choices!

Originally Posted by Zapablast05 View Post
Hey everyone. So this dilemma has been bouncing around my mind and I've actually lost sleep because of it! I can't seem to decide which CPU to choose as my upgrade. My Q6600 has been a contender, but has started to show it's age recently. I mainly game on my rig, and it seems like I'm not ready for the next "Crysis" game. We all remember how hard it was to have a good frame rate with max settings on DX10 when that game released haha! Anyway, I thought about Intel and AMD respectively as my next upgrade.

Micro Center has awesome deals right now with their bundles. I even thought about grabbing an FX-6350 with a good motherboard. I can't decide for the life of me which upgrade will be the optimal choice. Either way I see it, they're all viable upgrades from a Q6600 lol.

Is the new 4670k really worth it especially because I'm coming from a Q6600? Should I stick with the critically acclaimed 3570k? The way I see it, the motherboards that are bundled with the AMD CPUs (particularly the MSI 970) have had negative reviews on Toms and other sites, so I would have to get the Asus Sabertooth FX-8320 bundle. That amount of money will put me in the ballpark for a 3570k P8Z77-V bundle and the 4670k Z87-G41 bundle. I've read many reviews on the FX and Ivy Bridge core, but not many on the Haswell core.

AMD seems to be future proof with the 8 core. I believe when more applications and games are optimized for an octomom processor, AMD (and probably Intel) will have new hardware. I do intend to overclock, so the K chip is a must. I know AMD is a pretty savvy overclocking beast. The last AMD CPU I had was an Athlon 64 X2 5200+. That was my last impression of the company, but recent reviews and performance has slandered AMD's history.

Long story short, I'm stuck between the FX-8320, FX-6350, i5-3570k, and i5-4670k. I would be spending about $15 with the motherboard thrown into the equation.

P.S.-I just got a new GTX 650Ti Boost, so the whole "save it for a better GPU" thing would really go in through one ear and out the other unless it's buy another GTX 650Ti Boost or an aftermarket CPU hsf.
AMD is competitive UNLESS you're gaming. Intel slaughters all of the gaming benchmarks by 30% or more. Check out the Anandtech reviews. It's not even close.

I'd got with either of the i5's. The 3000 series if you're going to overclock, 4000 otherwise.
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