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Default updates...

a little update.. not that anyone seems to have any solutions.. maybe someone will have a solution to my next problem (though the screen size still hasnt been fixed)
sinse installing nvidia drivers, and having two monitors, the mouse doesnt work unless i logout and log in and move my mouse while its initalizing the nvidia driver... otherwise no mouse... i had this fixed a little while ago.. figured out that it didnt work because it was setting the configuration for each mouse device differently.. now they're the exact same.. and it still wont work..... i cant find any solution to this.. every combination has been tried....

so i've figured out that the smaller the resolution, the closer to having the screen correctly sized i am.. if i have it at 320x240 the screen is sized correctly.. but obviously that resolution isnt gonna cut it.. especially considering its so small that video overlaps itself.. so at 640x480 im only loosing.. a half inch or so relative to my TV..

any help at all would be greatly appreciated...
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