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Thumbs down Gigabyte/MSI 680 SLI, Driver fail.

Gigabyte GV-N680OC-4GB 1072/1137
MSI 680 OC- 4GB 1059/1124

Yes they are in SLI. I am using EVGA Precision X to try and keep the clocks the same. I have also tried MSI afterburner as well. I have a Thermaltake 850W ToughPower PSU. I also have a separate 2 12 volt rail 250W PSU (Thermaltake PurePower Power Express 250W)just running the MSI card to rule out a weak main PSU. I have tried the 320.49 Nvidia driver and I'm now using the 326.41 with the same results. Have tried this playing Black Ops 2 and 3Dnark11 and get same results. What I'm seeing is that the program is overclocking my MSI card to the same as the Gigabyte card, but when I tone it down with the GPU CLOCK OFFSET the program still locks up. I don't have to restart the graphics driver recovers or it says Black Ops has stopped working etc... I'm going to read up on the EVGA software and see if I'm doing something wrong. I'm hoping this is and easy fix. Thanks for any help ahead of time.

I have 2 screens. The monitoring screen gets white blocks all over it and the playing screen just locks.
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