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Default Having Problems with my FX5200

ok this has always been a problem, it just never gave me problems the new games games like NFSU or Simpsons Hit and Run. but if i try to run like HALO or 4x4 Screamer it'll play fine for about 10mins then everything goes whack! colors change all fruity and the polys go crazy like they exploded. I've tried downloading the new drivers but they also wont help, i updated my DX to DX9 and that didnt help.

PC Stats, just incase you need em to help me out:

AMD Athlon 1.0GHz
384mb Ram
XP Pro
GeForce FX5200 128mb
80gb 8mb HDD

Vid Card Specs:
256bit graphics core
1.0trillion texels/sec
63mill vertices/sec
4 pixels per clock
Dual 350mhz RAMDACs

Some might not really know what im talking about so i went on and took 2 screen shots of the problem.

This is what it looks like normal (used Celebrity DeathMatch)

This is after about 10 mins of play on that game, everything goes whack! (same game)

If links for pics dont work click here to view the folder.
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