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Default Re: Post Your Rig 2013 Edition

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Thanks qube, so is yours!

I'm currently testing 4.5GHz with 1.25V without any dynamic clock or voltage adjustments, it's at those levels on idle and load. Idle temp is 35C or so and Load (AIDA64 Stress Test with FPU testing) is 67-69C. I let it run for 1.5h and it leveled out at that value, CPU never throttled.

What voltage do you need for 4.8GHz?

I have a feeling that my CPU is above average and I could probably push a bit more but I need 100% stability. I don't want a crash during a 45-70min points race in iRacing! So I probably leave it at 4.5GHz, the testing so far looks promising.
my volt is 1.292 @4.8. And my cpu did 4.6GHz out of the box with dynamic clock and voltage adjustments. I think whit some finetuning 5GHz is possible
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