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Default does anyone have this happen with their 3d vision 2 kit?

I was wondering, for those with the 3d vision 2 kit (not the monitor with the emitter, the kit with the standalone usb emitter and glasses), does your 3d ir emitter turn itself off when not in 3d? Or upon rebooting yopur system, the ir emitter doesn't appear to be active (meaning the checkbox for enabling stereoscopic 3d is checked, but the mode is 3d vision discover and is greyed out without a dropdown box to select your monitor) on your system. Ever since I got my 3d vision 2 kit, I have had to unplug and replug back in my ir emiiter and then go to nvidia control panel and then select my monitor from a drop down box. It's very frustrating when you have to do this every time you play a game. And since Asus isn't releasing the vg278hr (basically the vg278he 27' 144hz with a built in ir emitter) to North America, I maybe stuck giving my vg278he to my brother and getting the vg278h. And I already tried to use the 3d vision kit on his system just to see if it was a system problem and it's not. He gets the same result of having unplug and replug the ir emitter back in everytime too. The reason why I would do this is that the built in ir emitters are controlled by the dvi-d cable. And I know from Having the 3d vision 1 acer hn27h 27' monitor, the ir emitter is always on. The other piece of hardware I have had to give my brother is my mouse. It's a steelseries mlg edition sensei mouse. 16,400dpi mouse. I now have a cooler master spawn mouse that does 3500 dpi and I can't even download the software for the cooler master mouse because comodo internet security premium keeps deleting it as a virus.
The good thing is that the dpi settings aren't software controlled on the spawn, they are in the hardware with 3 dpi settings (800,1600,3500). So I am thinking of getting the zalman 8200dpi mouse which is about the same price as the spawn right now at my local store. So, I don't know if it's a intel chipset usb issue with the ir emitter and mouse (the steelseries mouse works perfect with a asus amd m5a88-m mb in my brother's system), a windows 8 issue or both with the 3d vision 2 ir emitter and the mouse. Also, with windows 8, I keep getting windows explorer crashes that disable system tray items like nvidia update for instance which automatically gets installed with geforce experience. I have had to pretty much remove all of the system tray items that don't get deactivated when a windows explorer crash occurs. (evga precision x, asus ai suite II for instance on top of nvidia update). If anyone has any ideas on the ir emitter, I would be welcome to hear. BTW, I have tried USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports on the asus p8z77-v lk mb I am using with the same results. I am going to get the vg278h since my brother got hooked by using a 27' monitor and he likes the idea of 3d gaming. So, I would like to remedy this at least for him.

PS. I asked a question to nvidia like 2 weeks ago with this very issue asking if I had a defective ir emitter and they never responded. I even checked my gmail and thunderbird spam just to be sure.
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