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Default Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!

Originally Posted by wheeljack12 View Post
4gb is the new standard for 256 bit bus cards due to Battlefield 4 recommending 3gb of video ram for the game. It doesn't make sense that next gen console conversions would reduce the requirements on a pc.
yup, so we had to wait for the consoles to catch up before we could have some decent textures without mods then eh.

whats this about 256 bit bus not being able to do anything with 4gb and it needing a 384 bit bus, nonsense it depends on rate?, are 384 bit busses rate always slower because of physical restraints? I know nothing.
I havent looked at graphics cards for ages, 760 looks like the one to buy right now as I like spending 220 and getting my monies worth.
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