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Default Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!

we aren't waiting consoles to catch up, with the xbox one supporting dx11.2 for instance, what do you think has to happen with the pc,duh? Developers will have to get off their collective asses and stop programming in overused directx 9.0 (skyrim which is one of the most modded games uses dx 9.0, it was supposed to use dx 11 but bethesda went cheap)where texture mods are mostly used due to the fact that the API is so effing old. Directx 9.0 was brought out over 12 years ago and developers still use that piece of crap. Don't you find that a little insulting considering if you ever looked a steam hardware/software survey that the majority of people who game have a dx 11.0 card now. Even if the video card is cheap, they still use dx 11.0 or higher. BTW, I never said that 4gb needs a 384 bit bus dumb ass. if you know your bit rates, 256 works in even numbers for ram size, hence 2,4.8gb. 384 since is a odd bit rates which goes like this, 1.5, 3.0, 6.0 gb hence why the gtx 780 and titan use those high numbers. And I wasn't acting arrogant in saying everybody buy the god damn effing 760. I'll bring to your attention that I am on disability and have a fixed budget. I can't spend $800 on a effing video card because I can't afford it,not because I feel like telling everyone how to god damn buy. Every month my max is about spending budget is $3-400, in canada the best I can buy is a gtx 760 since a gtx gtx 760 4gb ot 770 would effing cost too much. Thanks for being a wealthy scumbag who feels like trashing on the poor. All I was trying to show was how economical two gtx 760's would be over a gtx 780,that's it. My junk is big enough for me not to have a oversized epenis,a-hole!
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