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Default problems with fx 5200 in suse 9.0

Hi all,
Ive actually read the readme above and would like to post my problem:


suse 9.0
athlon xp 2500+
asrock k7 forgotten the rest
512 MB RAM
gainward fx 5200 agp 128 MB
latest athlon specific kernel offered from update site

I installed the system with and without the driver offered during install and then tried to install the 5328 drivers in order to enable 3d etc...
I followed all steps in the readme, installed the extra kernel sources and have the "nvidia" drivers as opposed to the "nv" set. Problem: there is no configuration available for my monitor (highscreen ms1779p, max res 1024x768) and card that passes the test available in sax2/yast2 and thus Im back to the "nv" set which doesnt have any 3d ability.....

Ive flicked through the forum and seen that Im not alone with this problem although I certainly feel it.....

Do Linux and fx5200 just not get on ??

When I tried to use the text editor method with config file I couldnt get back above init 3

thanks in advance,

PS edit: I have some experience of manual file editing but am fairly new to linux
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