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Default Re: getting a gtx 760 soon!

I apologize for hurting your feelings, that's my bad,XDanger,K? The reason I am so passionate about the pc being second fiddle to the console is that somewhere game developers forgot what made gaming industry so popular in the 1st place. The MODULAR and upgradable pc. Sooner or later, the pc will be in full motion ahead of the consoles again sometime or another, with pc gamers having to sacrififce. I would say that I am little sick and tired of the sacrifice. It came out wrong and I have to live with that. And I apologize again for misreading that you were on my side in that the gtx 760 was your choice also. I can even go further in the fact that Nvidia themselves got out of the next gen console race for a reason. They knew who they were hurting. The pc gamer that made them so strong. And to make futher amends, they stopped gouging the gamer and came out with a product that's priced as it should be, the gtx 700 series. Intel is the next in line to learn that hard lesson. For instance, their competition, AMD had 6 sata 3 ports on their motherboards 2-3 years before. No, they underperform compared to intel, but they got there 1st. My stance is that Haswell feels like a slap in the face to pc users. Watch the video at newegg for 4th gen intel processors and listen to Paul at newegg get partially manipulated into thinking that 6 sata 3 ports should make you feel like upgrading. If intel has more resources and man power at their disposal over amd , don't you think that should be getting the same developments out faster than AMD? I do love intel and nvidia products because of one factor. They are stable, worth every penny for EVERYTHING they provide. On the other hand, Intel has shot themselves in the foot by releasing something that doesn't anywhere justify going beyond ivy bridge. And even to go further, intel has mixed products out there in ivy bridge and haswell. They have to considering that some people see the bad idea of little performance and motherboard gains that haswell gives. Because since the core series came from 1st gen to 3rd gen, there was always a justifiable reason to feel to upgrade. When 1st gen core i7's came out, high end users felt somewhat justified when they went from 4 cores hyperthreaded to 6 cores hypertheaded and their were speed improvements at all price points at that time. When the 1156 came, it gave the budget user a avenue to upgrade because affordable core i7's came out. When core series gen 2 and 3 came out, it was the 1st time in a long time that two series of processors had the same socket. And if you were fortunate enough to have a later motherboard in the 1155 series that could handle the bios upgrade, you instantly had pci-e 3.0 and ivy bridge compatibility. I was one of those few who did have the z68 motherboard with ivy bridge upgradability. Unforunately, I had to sell my system to make ends meet. A year later in spring 2013, I made the jump with the money I saved up for ivy bridge since the sandy bridge z68 motherboards were phased out(cpu and motherboard) along with a friend who made sure that my journey of a pc use didn't end with using a underpowered laptop that I purchased with the little money I had. He traded me a low end gaming pc in fall 2012 with amd parts along with a monitor for my laptop. As soon as he gave me that, I bought a used gtx 460 1gb that wasn't even registered (I did so for purposes of having a warranty) keyboard and mouse. Then I slowly over months changed out that system to the system you see in the signature you see today. So, the long and somewhat painful process of a limited income to upgrade has as you can tell, has taken it's toll on me mentally and emoitionally. The one thing you can admit, there are people still out there willing to admit mistakes and ask, not force, forgiveness from.
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