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Default why I can't go back to AMD

Back in 2011, I made one last ditch attempt to make amends with AMD/ATI. I sold off my 3 way gtx 580 setup and purchased two xfx radeon 6990's and a samsung sa950 3d monitor. One, back then amd 3d gaming wasn't supported in Crossfire through amd hd3d or DDD's tridef.
So my monitor was a waste. That has been solved but should have not been an issue from the beginnings of AMD 3d gaming. Two, two cards could not get playable framerates for a opengl game (rage from ID) with one single or two crossfired dual gpu cards. Does AMD still have opengl issues? Probably. Because one gtx 580 3gb card outdid those two cards for opengl in a heartbeat with Rage with very playable framerates. Meaning I sold off the monitor and two 6990's for the gtx 580 and a new monitor. And third, the finding out from the frame rating system that crossfired cards displayed such poor naked to the eye FPS until they added frame pacing. How many of you AMD users are still switching between 3 or 4 drivers just to get a game to be playable? With Nvidia, install one up to date driver, that's it, no issues. And SLI proved how well it handled mutli gpu over the years in frame ratings. I wish frame rating was around before I had the 6990's. It would saved me over $2000.
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