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Default xrandr issue with Thinkpad T420 and more than two displays

Hi all,

I've got an issue with advanced X configuration and multiple displays.
Up to two displays is fine, but more than two and it gets complicated. This is under RHEL 6.4 with X Server 1.13 and Nvidia Driver 310.32.

Configuration has been taken from:
Problem is that each graphic adapter can only control up to 2 displays,from what I've understood so far, so 4 displays (3 monitors and the laptop display itself) are divided between Intel and Nvidia graphics.

Problem is that with this setup X is working, but XRANDR is disabled during X startup, and I'd like some hints how to enable/enforce it to be able to resize screens and so on.

Also OpenGL is disabled during X startup, as half of the display is driven by the Integrated Intel graphics. How can this be enabled for all screens? I can also use a different driver, nouveau or nv if that's easier to handle.

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