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Default Triple Monitor GPU dilemma

Hi everyone. I've got a bit of a qualm on my hands as of late with upgrades. Not too long ago, I bought a Galaxy GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB version for a pretty good deal at BB (price matched). My intention was to just get a nice 1080p monitor and SLI if necessary. I ended up being absorbed by the "elitist" triple-monitor gaming crowd. I picked up two more SyncMaster 906BW displays for $100 total. I've searched and searched, and I can't find a definite answer on any forum or review whether or not two 650 Ti Boosts would be able to support 4320x900. I see posts saying yes and no, and some saying hell no. I know it's a wild card since it's a budget card by now, but it's still a pretty good card, considering SLI performance being comparable to a GTX 680.

I want to be able to play games on max settings, games like Alan Wake, CS:S/GO, WarFrame, SWTOR, CoH, BF3, and (dare I say) BF4. I know that BF4 will probably be a slide show, even at the lowest settings. I would guess that games that aren't so demanding will have no problem, but it's BF4 that worries me the most. I feel like I'm tied down by already owning the 650 Ti Boost, and I wouldn't want to buy another one just to be disappointed by a ~10FPS increase in performance in BF4. Generally, everyone says to buy the fastest single card that a budget would allow, but that's usually reserved for folks running a single monitor, am I right?

Did I unknowingly shoot myself in the foot by starting with the 650 Ti Boost? What other viable, realistic options are there that will possibly guarantee smooth, attractive game play with BF4? It doesn't necessarily need to be on Ultra High settings. I thought about just selling my card and getting the 4GB 670. Then I read that it will still have trouble with triple monitor gaming on BF4, and it's just a bit out of my price range. If it helps at all, I'd be willing to spend ~$350 on new hardware if SLI isn't an option. I've read that HD7950 in Crossfire is faster than SLI GTX 680 in some instances, but only marginally.

The hardware that I'll be using (if it matters) will be as follows:

AMD FX-6300 (Microcenter bundled)
ASRock 970 Extreme4 (MC bundled)
8GB Crucial Ballistix
Hiper 880W Type-M (might need to upgrade?)
GTX 650 Ti Boost (SLI? AMD? Single Card?)

Thanks in advance, and I appreciate any responses on this matter! I want to be able to stop dreaming about damn video cards!!

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