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Default Having a rough time getting ANY drivers to work under Fedora Core

First, I'm pretty much a Linux newbie with a Geforce 4 Ti 4200.

But I've tried the newest drivers (the 53.xx) and I've tried the older drivers (Basically any one that had the installer)

I editted my XF86Config as the Readme said.

I don't know if it makes a difference, but the openGL screensavers work flawlessly. (Except on the 5x.xx drivers, everything was still using software rendering when I used those for some reason.)

With all of the 4x.xx drivers, X would reboot every time I tried to run Enemy Territory. The screen would go black (like it was loading) except I could "pan" the screen (The desktop was larger than my resolution.) and eventually X restarts.

So I came across the 46.20 drivers and I've had more luck with those: X doesn't reboot, the game actually *loads* but the screen remains black. Meaning: I can hear the intro video playing, I can hear the music of the main menu (And I can hit ESC to skip the intro.) But I can't SEE anything.

Alt-Enter to window the game makes no difference.

Any ideas?
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