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Default Gigabyte GTX780: Fan running @100% at idle (Solved).

Hello all,

I've just built a new Xeon based development workstation (Params below).
The machine has a single Gigabyte GTX N780OC GD3 card.
My problem is simple, once X starts, the fan goes into full swing no matter what type of load is being generated.
E.g. I'm getting the same noise level when displaying my normal KDE desktop (GPUCoreTemp at ~27c) and when running a Ungine benchmark (GPUCoreTemp at 55-57c).
At all times, GPUCurrentFanSpeed is stuck at 17 (read-only... coolbits?) and GPUCurrentFanSpeedRPM is stuck at 0.

Any ideas what I can do.
I'll be shame if my wife will throw out my new brand new workstation out of the window :/

Machine configuration:
MB: Intel S2600C0.
GPU: 1 x Gigabyte NGTX780OC 3GD.
HD: 4 x 2TB in software RAID10.
OS: Fedora 19, x86_64.
DRV: v331.20 (RPMFusion).

I should add that:
1. The performance is right on the mark (~10% from Phoronix' Titan review).
2. The GPUCurrentClockFreqs seem to be running between 954Mhz (idle) and 1110Mhz (Unigine Valley). I would imagine this is quite high for idle?
3. On the other hand, power draw seems to be OK during idle (~200w) and at 100w more when running Unigine Valley (~300w).
4. I plan to install Windows on external drive and check if the problem persists. Obviously, if I can reproduce this issue under Windows, this is bad card, however, my gut feeling is that this is a video BIOS vs. driver issue. (Gigabyte uses a non-stock cooling solution).
5. FWIW this is a copy of the this [1] thread (I usually only posts here; not sure which avenue [nvnews / devtalk] is better or even appropriate)

Thanks in advance (and sorry for cross-posting),
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