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Default Re: my beef about budget haswell motherboards

what I eventually want to have is for all components possible, is a backup to those particular parts, for instances:

1. SLI two gtx 770's- if one dies, I still have one gaming graphics card. If both dies, I still have the intel igpu to keep me alfloat. (really wish intel would give up bga packaging on iris 5xxx graphics, if they did, I would have a valid 3rd option for gaming graphics)
2 ssd's-if one dies in the raid, I still have one to use as OS/apps drive
3-Two optical drives-faster disk to disk copying and backup to a drive just in case
4. Discrete sound card-if it dies, I still have the onboard sound as backup
5- Hardware raid card- if the HW raid card dies, I still have the onboard raid to use
6. Buy a kingston datatravler workspace 32 gb drive- fastest economical drive. yes it's a wtg drive since it transfers at 250/250mb read/write on usb 3.0. This is my drive of choice to take full advantage of usb 3.0's speed. Use my cheapo 8gb flash drive as backup.

As for the rest of the internal/external components, I would just change/rma as necessary as I would with the backed up components I have already listed.

My point being here is that the ud3h and the ivy bridge mb's I have chose/chosen are perfect for the above.
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