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Exclamation In need of Experienced Linux User!

I have been using linux for a year now (Mandrake 6 months and SuSE 6 months(in that order))
And the only help i could get was from typing man 'appname' in the console and reading the README files in different folders...
Well, now i'm sick of it, i need someone to help me with the problems i get because most of them are NOT written in these (still greatly written) doc files...

Please contact me on:
ICQ: 159055059
or AIM: MisterRevan

If you don't want to help me once every week or so then you could reply here with an adress to a general forum where i could get help with all sorts of linux problems, thanks

p.s: The problems do include the NVIDIA drivers :P

(I know its selfish of me but i swear that the day i know enough, i WILL teach others the way of the linux )
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