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Default Re: "Unofficial" Battlefield 4 Benchmark/Review

Here are the updated results with the Asus Sabertooth 990FX, Corsair H80i liquid cooling system set to "balanced mode," GPU fan set to 80% in-game, stable OCs, and AMD Catalyst 13.25. These are set to Ultra with no AA and with 2xAA. I took two 2-minute benchmarks in multiplayer in a full 32/32 match on Siege of Shanghai. I made sure to include manning a tank, flying, swimming, firefights, and explosions. I pretty much just played without any regard to the benchmarking, just to get real-world results which would explain some variations between the settings. I've also included the pre-game temps and post-game temps. Sorry about the offset chart. I didn't want to go through the hassle of remaking it, so I just deleted the old info and input the new results.

On a side note, if anyone can see something needs to be changed in regards to the voltage and clocks, I'd be glad to hear advice on overclocking the FX-8350


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