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Default Re: 2gb or 4gb gtx 770?

Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
As far as graphics card makers go I'm completly agnostic, I've been promised an R9 290 for xmas (already have an MK-26 cooler for it).
lowest price 770 here 274
lowest price R9 290 295

I'll be keeping my monitor for a while, 1080p would be a big downgrade and I'm not sure I'd like a monitor with just 1 native resolution since I play games from 8bit to the present.

Also, they are DIRT cheap
There isnt really a modern monitor on the market yet that I'd swap it for (for under 3300...)

But if there was a sony FW900 nearby maybe since games are made for a widescreen.
ffs, pos r9 290 is dvi-d only!
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