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Originally posted by Geforce4ti4200

"Why would you use Ti4200 on a brand new 5Ghz Intel Pentium"

to run games at blistering fps, silly

"By the time we have 5Ghz CPU's video cards will be 5x times faster then Ti4200"

show me a video card thatll get 5 times the 15k my ti4200 will get, thats 75k marks dude........

my friend says somethings wrong with your rig cause you cant break 14k on an oced 9700 pro

Was that 9700Pro comment to me becouse nothing is overcloaked in my rig.
I don't even know how many marks i get i don't play 3dmark

And "to run games at blistering fps, silly " your sound silly now cose even if Ti4200 would get 20k marks in benchmark by the time all games would be DX9 and it would not run bliztering fast at all only new cards would be and they would be atleast 5x if not more faster in those games
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