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Actually, ....confession....I am hooked on PoE that I splashed some money on some micro-transaction in game!

I haven't played Diablo 3 so I cannot compare PoE to it and whilst I played Diablo 2, I can't remeber it except that it was effing fun. But, PoE reminds me of playing Diablo 2!

Gameplay as you would expect is dungeon crawling, vs mobs and bosses. It's fun for me and is addictive enough for me to continuously grind away levels. The thing about the game is that way skills active or passives are set which draws me back.

When you level you get passive points to place in the passive tree. However, you have to think carefully how you approach your build because, there is limited re-feats. What I mean is, you can only "refund" a few passive points and not a full re-feat. You can pick up items that give u "refund" point. Don't know if this is a good thing or setup for micro-transaction later for full re-feats.

Active skills are based on "gems". These gems can drop or are rewarded for completed quests.These gems are active gems which give a particular skill or support, which support the gems are linked to. More on the linking later. The gems allow for your classic melee, magic, ranged etc active attack skills. The support gems add attributes which can increase the effectiveness of an active skill. For example, I have an attack gem, but it is single target. Hmm, means i will have hard time on clearing mobs, so...what do I do? I can choose an aoe active skill to replace it or, use a support gem to add "splash damage" but with dmg reducers to single target but I have the ability to attack more than 1 target, and I can add another gem that can add another leech etc. how do you do this then???

Well the picking and choosing of how you want to build your gameplay is a lot dependent on gear, which also have attributes but more important, gem sockets! Each gem is a color, blue green or red. And can only fit in the colored socket! Remevber you can link gems to augement your chosen skill(s), then the sockets have to be linked.The armor that drops are RNG with # of gem sockets, their color and how hey are linked. Thankfully, you can get vendor selling gear that may not "normal" drop but that has the right color gem sockets and links....and you can get items (called orbs of this or that) that can change the normal item into rares or uniques!

Anyway, I think I went on too much, in a nutshell me likey PoE now over MH!
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