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oh, allright.. i'll try

First, my samba server doesn't work (I've edited smb.conf so that it should work coz it did with Mandrake..)
I'll show you the smb.conf after i switch to Linux

Second, My samba client works.. but only if i start up lisa (manually) and use kde's konqueror to browse the network.. But since i like to use gnome more than kde it gets a bit bothersome.. i wanna use nautilus

Third, I don't know how to change the inetd thing so that it automatically starts up lisa, or if i would like to remove something.. i'm not able to.
This is a good example of why i need to have contact with someone over instant messaging; There's lots of smaller stuff i don't know that i'd just like to quickly ask someone and get an answer within a few minutes instead of waiting around forums, getting flames for not knowing somebody that knows something like this...

Fourth, I'm having trouble using wine to emulate some stuff that i use to emulate without problems.. it works, but only as root..

Fifth, If i start up a console and go 'su' then start up something that X should handle, it wont let me.

Sixth, I don't know how to start gnome or kde on any other X server than the default one...

Seventh, Eighth, Nineth... Ahundredandeleventh, Ahundredandtwelveth..
I've got more questions.. lots more, however i can't think of them right now since they seem to float away as i don't get any answer to them in forums (*big fat hint*)
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