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Unhappy My Scary Trip to School

About 3 weeks ago, I left my home town of Yakima, Wa to go to a Tech School in Phoenix. Well, first lemme tell you what i have in my computer:
Athlon XP1900+
Asus A7V8X
Radeon 8500DV
256 MB DDR400
Thermalright SLK800 w/ Vantec Tornado 80

Well, I packed the computer and the monitor up all nice to have it ready for the plane ride 3 days before, so I had to go without my computer for a while. When i was at the Hotel in Phoenix, 4 days later, I heard a rattling noise when i moved the box. I opened the case to the computer and saw my 8 lb heatsink on the bottom of the case. This scared me. I looked immediately at my proc and saw that the core's corners had been rounded off. Whats worse, my brand new motherboard's socket had been broken where the heatsink was held on. My radeon was cracked and my RAM sink was scratched all to hell. The airline said it was out of their hands. Luckily, I bought a retail cpu and it was covered in the warranty. However, the $150 i spent on the Radeon and the $250 I spent on my board, Ram, and Heatsink were gone. I am still computerless, stuck on a Pentium 3 til I can get replacements.
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