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Why don't you try and find a local linux user group? They may be better prepared to give up the time required to be a mentor...

To be honest all you need is google, and enough time to tweak conf files.

For Q1-3, I don't use samba at all, like to avoid windows. But I'd check out SFU 3.5 it has an NFS client/server for windows 2k/xp/2003, and is free.

For question 4, it is usually a permissions problem when something works when root. Check if you can write to the drive in question as a normal user. Also make sure you're using the latest versions of wine, or consider crossover office it's very friendly

For question 5, suse is a little odd with this, just use sux -c "/path/to/command" and a program will run as root with x.

For question 6, my suse 9 pro has a little button on the k menu to start annother session, it's red! (I may have misread your question)

Good Luck, maybe email me your samba config I'll ask a mate...

good place to get package updates for suse:
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