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Never Worked installed Binutils from CD2 and also the other versions of binutils from CD3. this is just anouying me now.. why is it not more simple? im i not exiting KDE correctly? FFS this is just stupid. i feel like im back in DOS.
I know windows is all crap because of scurity issues and not as stable as linux but its ease of use is twice that of linux!. I do not wish to learn kernals or code. i just simpley want to run linux to see what it is like but at this rate i will be moving back MS soon. please don't make my linux experance fall short.. i need help it still comes up asking if Binutils is install and if so make sure LD is in your path. Does no one else get this problem? has no one a much simpler way of installing nvidia drivers? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH lol sorry just taking my frustrations out on the board.
But help would be welcomed

Thank you
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