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Default hrmmm #2...

i just did 'echo $CFLAGS' from inside the /usr/src/wine directory where I compiled from. and it just made an empty line, I also did it from the root directory, because I am a noob, and didn't know which directory. (I figured /wine, but wasn't sure..)
# echo $CFLAGS

# echo $CFLAGS

My friend at school is good with linux. He uses the debian distro, and when I was typing a message at school I scrolled up to my problem. He said he had some pre-compiled packages from WineX that he *Acquired* I am wondering if I should take him up on this offer, or wiping out WineX, and try installing from CVS again. However now instead of the single error, and then the two others, I just get this when trying to open any application:

'fixme:cdrom:CDROM_GetIdeInterface CD-ROM device with major ID 11 not supported'

This seem's like it would be a more *easily* fixable problem, that perhaps you could help me with... But for now I won't try anything, and wait until a more experianced user such as yourself gives me input, or my other friend just hooks me up w/ the RPM. I would prefer to solve this problem now, instead of waiting until tomarrow. Also I like being sort of 'independant' if you can call it that, with my computer experiances. Don't get me wrong, a mentor is great! But I like solving problems by myself, so if they do occur again I can solve them with relative ease, instead of asking another person to get into the thick of things, instead of me. You might see my position on things, you might not, but anyhow do you have any suggestions for the error? I will do a google search, and check on the WINE website, and ask you about a possible solution. Thx for the help so far bro!

BTW: I get the same error I posted in the beginning of the thread when I try to 'wine setup.exe' from my directory /mnt/cdrom GRRR!

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