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Question hrmmm #3.... lol I label my hrmmm's!

'fixme:cdrom:CDROM_GetIdeInterface CD-ROM device with major ID 11 not supported'

This is obviously a CD-ROM message.. however why should it effect me if I am just opening notepad with 'wine notepad' then blam comes this error

"fixme:cdrom:CDROM_GetIdeInterface CD-ROM device with major ID 11 not supported
wine: cannot find 'notepad' "

I have an IDE cdrom, so therefor I know linux uses 'Scuzzy' emulation on the cdrom... But how could this effect my opening of notepad. This is very weird to me indeed, but it seems wine ceases to function opening anything, and the anoying thing is, I DONT KNOW WHY!!!

ahhh the pleasures of being a noob.... lol
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