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Default App Segfaults with 5328 drivers

I'm a big fan of Glaxium ( even though it doesn't get developed anymore.

Until recently I have been able to run it on Fedora Core 1 by building it using Freeglut (I have built RPMs of Freeglut at I also found that I had to apply the libtool fix to

When I updated to the 5328 drivers I found that it would crash on startup with a segfault. gdb showed that it was falling over inside a glCombinerInputNV call in scene.cpp or myship.cpp. Since I'm not a C++ or OpenGL programmer I found it incredibly hard to debug so I'm not sure of the exact problem.

Anyway when I went back to the 4620 beta drivers I was amazed to find that Glaxium worked again. So this points to an issue with the driver package. I wonder whether anyone has any idea what is wrong here?

On a side note, I see that there are a bunch of GL headers in /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/include/GL. Are these intended to replace the ones that come with XFree86 in /usr/share/include/GL? When I try to build with them I get compilation errors.
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