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Default my sob story.

My story begins like this...
Some time ago, I purchased a a 1.0ghz/200 T-Bird, and built a sweet little system around it. This was my first AMD system and it was love at first boot. Having been a veteran of the Celeron O/C'ing scene I immediatley set about pushing it to the limit. I unlocked the L1's and pushed the FSB as high as I could, but still (of course) wasn't satisfied. I started hanging out in overclocking forums and newsgroups and was introduced to all manner of arcane system tweakage. Temperature, I thought, THAT is why I can go faster. The idea of watercooling intrigued me. Such a simple concept. I had access to the machinery and materials necessary, so I decided to build my own waterblock.

After a couple of weekends at work using my spare time, I completed the water block, but realized, I needed a clip of some sort. So I built that too. That is where my troubles began. It seems that my homemade clip was totally inadequate for the job, but like a dumbass, I tried to make it work.

With the first attempt at installation, I managed to round off two of the cores corners. Thankfully the proc seemed to bein normal working order. But did I walk away the wiser?

Realizing that this wasn't going to work, I attempted a redesign of the clip. A week or two later I re-attempted installation. It seemed to go alright, though the clip was still ill-suited to the task it held, and I fired the sytem up. POST went fine, but got a crash loading Windows. Rebooted, checked temps in the BIOS, and was shocked to see that they were 20 deg. F. Higher than with genereic heatsink. Thinking that I had mis-applied the thermal compound, I removed the block and re-applied. One step too far.

On re-installing the block, I managed to not only round the other two corners and break a nice long splinter off one of the long edges of the core, I also broke the lug off the socket. I was screwed.

I spent the next two weeks limping along on my wifes computer (my trusty old Celeron 300a) until I found and orderd a new proc and heatsink with a three-prong clip. The water block still sit there on my workbench, mocking me, it seems. Daring me to try again. But I showed it. I built a new block, a better block, haha, that will use the mounting holes cut in the mobo. A new shim would be the icing on the cake. Please help me to rub Mr. Oldwaterblock's nose in the mess he made.

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