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At last there is some hard evidence of forthcoming OpenCL 1.2 support from Nvidia.

The recently released CUDA 6 toolkit (for Linux) includes an OpenCL stub library which contains all the new OpenCL 1.2 functions plus some other Nvidia functions.

Specifically, the new stub library adds the following functions compared to the 337.12 driver release:

clCompileProgram (OpenCL 1.2)
clCreateFromGLTexture (Nvidia)
clCreateImage (OpenCL 1.2)
clCreateProgramWithBuiltInKernels (OpenCL 1.2)
clCreateSubDevices (OpenCL 1.2)
clEnqueueBarrierWithWaitList (OpenCL 1.2)
clEnqueueFillBuffer (OpenCL 1.2)
clEnqueueFillImage (OpenCL 1.2)
clEnqueueMarkerWithWaitList (OpenCL 1.2)
clEnqueueMigrateMemObjects (OpenCL 1.2)
clGetExtensionFunctionAddressForPlatform (Nvidia)
clGetKernelArgInfo (OpenCL 1.2)
clLinkProgram (OpenCL 1.2)
clReleaseDevice (OpenCL 1.2)
clRetainDevice (OpenCL 1.2)
clUnloadPlatformCompiler (OpenCL 1.2)

Unfortunately the CUDA 6 toolkit does not contain the actual OpenCL implementation library The 337.12 driver release does not seem to support the new functions: when I tried to use clCreateImage() in place of clCreateImage2D() my program crashed.
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