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Originally posted by bdfulk
Followed the instructions by STEEL except step5 I compiled from within gnome and it still worked great! Now if only I could figure out how to get my linux desktop extended onto my second monitor. Anyone have any good tutorials I can go look up or advice? I have one geforce4 ti4200 and two 15" lcds hooked up to it.
Hi bdfulk,

I did the same thing, couldn't be bothered to not compile it from within gnome (it's a new install on a new HDD anyway, what could happen . Worked without a hitch.

I haven't got my dual display (also 4200) set up, but I will maybe give it a try somewhere within the following 2 weeks. Please post your config if you get it working (maybe in a new thread) and I will make sure I do too if I'm first


ps. RH 8 flies, even with 'only' 256 MB RAM, 256 was lost installing the new HDD
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