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I am a big AMD fan. I work at a computer company and build computers. My boss is a big Intel fan. He does not list AMD options on the company's web site, and goes out of his way to convince our customers to get Intel. After almost a year of convincing my boss to put AMD product on our web page for sale, he finally caved! Yay! Our first order for an AMD came in. A Duron 1.3GHz. My job to build it since I am the only one who has worked with AMD chips. They give me a OEM CPU, and a cheap CPU fan. The CPU fan was EXTREAMLY tight, and when I finally got it on I was happy. I turned on the system and nothing? With my Intel fan boss breathing down my neck, and the customer waiting, I detach the CPU fan to find a black flake about the size of a grane of sant laying in the white thermal paste. I looked at one of the corders of the chip, and sure enough. CRACKED!!! UGH! I had to tell my boss that the chip was dead because of this chip the size of a grane of sand. He starts ranting and raving about how crappy AMD is and just goes OFF!!! Now we hand to RMA (if possible) this CPU and get a new one in the next day. Delaying the ship time for the customer. He swore to remove all AMD products off our web page. Fortunatly he did not! I told him it was because of the tight clip on the heatsink, and the lack of....A SHIM!!! The extra cost of shims was out of the question for him (cheap basterd) but we did get a CPU fan with a looser clip. Not a better fan, just a looser clip. We hardly sell any AMD now since my boss took down most AMD products. Whats the sad story here? An AMD fan being stuck building and testing nothing but Intel computers =( My Athlon XP 1800+ at home sure can use a shim My only shot to convince my boss that AMD is good was blown due to a lack of a good SHIM. That would of prevented me from chipping that Duron no matter how tight the clamp was.

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