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Unhappy My sob story...

I had gotten my a nice sweet VIA-based ECS mobo, with a 1.3G Tbird. Nice and fast, right? Put a copper orb on it, but with some of the work I was doing on it (taking in and out of my computer hole in my desk), I felt that I was risking the proc with the orb, so I sent off for a nice anodized aluminum shim and AS. I gooped it nice, fit the shim in place, put the sink on, started her up. Fans come up, mobo beeps, then nothing. Nada. Zilch. Then I caught a small whiff of smoke--just a hint. A mere hint. I get a sick feeling in the pit of my gut. I lay the case down, and pop the heatsink, and look at the bottom of it. No goop. Oh, crap. The copper/aluminum interface on the orb has a damned RIDGE, about .5 mm thick, around the copper core!! I didn't even THINK to check for proper contact!!

It took a total of 8 seconds to fry a 1.3 Tbird. I felt SO DAMNED STUPID!!!

THat set me back an additional $125 for a 1.2 Tbird.

I kept the 1.3 as a reminder I can be stupid at a whim.
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