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Default Re: gcc versions

Originally posted by ubien
Linux version 2.4.18-3
You're still running RedHat 7.3's kernel. Something didn't update properly (your bootloader, maybe?).

Actually, if only your bootloader (well, I should say your MBR) didn't update, then you shouldn't be able to boot anything -- when you formatted the hard drive installing RedHat, it should have deleted the old kernel's image. And yet that's what's running.

Hmmmm... I guess what I'd do is a reinstall of RedHat 8, and tell it to format your root partition before it starts copying files. If you have important stuff to save, burn it to a CD-R first, or put it on another partition. What's your partition setup look like? Is /home a separate partition from the root? If so, you can put important stuff in your home directory, and then not format /home (but you'll still want to format everything else). Then reinstall RedHat 8.
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