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Default AMD 64 and nForce questions...

Urgh, I feel like I'm jumping in rather quickly here.

I'm going for an almost complete hardware upgrade in a few days, going from an AMD XP 1900+ to an AMD Athlon 64 3400+, along with new RAM, new hard drives, the works. I already have a GeForce FX5900, and I see little reason to upgrade that. I've decided on an nForce mainboard, because I've heard good things about them, though it only occured to me today the extent of kernel changes that I'll need to make if I want to keep things running.

The mainboard to be orderd is a CHAINTECH ZNF3-150 Zenith AMD64, as seen at
I'll be using my current ATA100 drive for Linux stuff, since I don't want to bother migrating to a new drive, though I'll be getting a pair of 80GB SATA drives run in RAID for WinXP, and I might be interested in mounting them in Linux if any support for that is available.

I'm going to be using whatever 2.6.x kernel is available when I get the system. I'm wondering what I'll need to do to activate the onboard networking and ATA drivers. Should I use stuff that's in the stock kernel, or should I get the nForce drivers from nvidia's site? How is the onboard sound support? I will proably stick with my Sound Blaster Live! card for Linux audio, unless anyone knows of a way to get wavetable MIDI from the nForce's onboard audio. Does the Broadcom network support work for this chipset, or will I need to stick with my 3Com network adapter? What about USB support? I have a CDR drive and a gamepad that both need USB support, so that's a requriement. I know that getting the GeForce drivers compiled for a 2.6.x kernel requires effort, because I've had to do it for my current setup, but are there additional complications for the AMD64 drivers?

Sorry to ramble so much, it's just that I'm scrambling to get things together and I'm not even sure of the right questions to ask.
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