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Exclamation TV and DFP primary head BUG

Hi all!

I don't know if it was officialy submitted bug, but I found some threads form people with same problem.
I tried to configure twinview to work with primary DFP (SOny SDM-X72 flatpanel connected with DVI) and TVset (connected with tvout composite).
I get quite good results BUT the driver always (no matter what I changed in XF86Config-4) treats TVset as primary head. This is stupid because: first - I lost 3 hours of watchng XFree.0.log and second - lack of usability.
Now I got login screen (gdm) on the TV screen and some windows under gnome opens default on the TV.
It should be fixed necessary.


PS: I tried Prolink Pixelview FX5600XT gfx card with dvi and it has very poor image quality on dvi in comparison to Gigabyte Maya Radeon 9000 PRO. Is it general that gfx cards with nvidia chipset has low quality output on DVI? (The fonts was burred and the image was fuzzy on Pixelview)
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