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I can't tell you how to use the mandrakeclub nvidia rpms, but all I had to do was this:

Install the relevant kernel. Get the kernel source.
Install NVIDIA's driver (from

follow the instructions in the readme - mainly:
go to a text console
login as root
init 3 (stop the GUI)
fillow instructions
reconfigure /etc/X11/XF86Config-4
init 5 (start the GUI)


Each time you change kernel, you'll need to re-run this.
It may be worth printing the readme before you start.
Save your old XF86Config-4 (and your new one - if you run the mandrake X config tool again, you'll overwrite it.
I did this on a P4 - it should be fine on an AMD - but I have no actual knowledge.
Remember, when you add a kernel using urpmi, it will end up as an option in /etc/lilo.conf, but you'll have to run lilo to get it to appear in the boot menu. If you want it to be default, edit /etc/lilo.conf

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