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Originally posted by bwkaz
[b]This means that for some reason, the default cc is not the same version of gcc that compiled the kernel.
Got this too and think it came down to not having enough of the right RedHat-8.0 RPMS installed for compiling. I then installed kernel-source, zlib-devel, glib-devel, glib2-devel, pkgconfig, gcc-c++, compat-gcc-c++, compat-libstdc++-devel, libstdc++-devel, compat-gcc, gcc, binutils. Perhaps somewhat overkill for this, but I'll need them someday anyway.

Even so, I have not gotten 3123 to work with a GF4 Ti card. One time it threw the machine into a reboot time loop. I tried recompiling the 2960 nvidia packages but they don't work: 'modprobe NVdriver' complains about inserting gcc-2.x modules into a gcc-3 kernel, which is now strictly verboten.
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