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Unhappy Suse 9.0 eth0 hang

I was getting some pretty bad sound problems using the soundstorm on abit nf7-s ver 1.1 under suse 9.0 pro, so I downloaded the nforce drivers that had sound, network and chipset drivers. The install went fine with no errors but now the system hangs on boot wiith setting up nework interfaces:

I did a grep on nvnet which showed unresolved symbols.
without being able to get pasted the boot up I've tried booting as:

single linux, allows me into the system but can not make any changes, etiher the files are read only or it can not excute a sh file (as in sh ./nvidia_nforce)

init 3 does not get past the boot screen

booting from cd allows me to do a restore but shows all files to be fine.

What I need is command line option on boot that will allow me access as root to uninstall the drivers for nforce/ nvnet and hopefully reinstall the drivers right this time.

ps HELP me please.

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