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Default nForce Board and Suse 9.0?

Unfortunatelly I updated to Suse 9.0 and now everythings that comes with my nForce Mainboard doesn't work anymore. Downloaded the actual driver "NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.suse90.i" and installed it with rpm -Uhv as decribed in the readme. No network, no sound and no graphics. Whenever I start sax2 I get a black screen.
Right after the installation I had a working X-Server but the wrong monitor. Then I changed the monitor from Vesa to the actual Modell from Sony. After that, there was only darkness. I started sax2 with all possible flags like -q and -l, yast doesn't work because it ist using also sax2.
Not to speak of the missing NIC and Sound Card.
What can I do?
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