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I was putting a new heatsink of my trusty old t-bird i got for christmas, and seeing how i was 15, i couldnt just go out and get a new one, i was trying to be extremely careful, i put on my compound, and proceeded to install my vantec 6035, so i could get some more overclocking in. Ande when i powered up, i got a nice set of beeps. My first thought, was oh my god, i fried it. I looked at it, and it seemed fine, so i tried it again, still nothing, so i took it back out, and after minutes of searching, i found a small chip, nothing noticable, but enought to kill a glorious chip. With my stock amd heatsink, and 1.70 volts, it could do 1.6, which was a nice jump from 1.4, and heat was what was stopping me, for the amd heatsink is not meant for extreme cooling. I was co crushed (no pun intended), so i had to choke it up, and go mow some lawn for some cash to replace my t-bird. My current one will do 1.6 at 1.7 also, and i am very lucky that it does, but it is just not as rewarding as when you hit a 200 mhz overclock for the first time, it is like when you get your first car, or go on a first date, i guess it shows how much i love computers.

Alex Morgan
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