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Default 2 durons down the tube

My first duron was a 650 bought off ebay. I had already received all my other components by the time the cpu came, so I was very hyped to get the system working. While I try to figure out how to make the clip on my dragon orb work, I feel the heatsink shift lightly. Lift it up, and the corner of the core is stuck in the thermal paste. Oh well, I figure I just paid the stupid tax and order another cpu (a 700 this time). It works fine for me for several months. This is when I get a new case. I take apart the old system, and get everything in the new case, but I loose this little plastic piece on the CD-ROM tray. Its stuck down in the front of the case, but I can't find it. After living without it for a few days, I decide I am going to SHAKE it out. This was my most brilliant move I turn off the machine, and proceed to shake it around and actually bang the case on its back corner a few times before I hear something rattle around in there. I open the case, retrieve the piece, and close the case back up. Later that day, I go to power up the system and nothing happens. I instantly smell something hot, and flip the switch on the PSU. After opening up the case, I immediately realize that the heatsink has popped completely off the cpu. it is swinging in there by the tabs on one side, but at a 90 degree angle to the motherboard. The power was on for less than 5 seconds, and the cpu was blown. Big corner was chipped off, and the backside of the chip has a big burned spot on it.

At least I was able to get a cheap duron 1200 by this time.

I am very careful with my cpu and case, handling it all like its made of

(Update: I am in the process right now of making myself a nice keychain by epoxying the two chips togather)

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