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Default One more interesting detail

I just found this, but I have no idea what it means. The following is extracted from dmesg. I think I got it all - let me know if not...

Thanks again!

0: nvidia: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 nvidia.o Kernel Module 1.0-5328 Wed Dec 17 13:54:51 PST 2003
Linux agpgart interface v0.99 (c) Jeff Hartmann
agpgart: Maximum main memory to use for agp memory: 1430M
agpgart: Detected Via Apollo Pro KT266 chipset
agpgart: AGP aperture is 128M @ 0xd0000000
Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000010
printing eip:
*pde = 37013067
*pte = 00000000
Oops: 0000
agpgart nvidia ext3 jbd
CPU: 0
EIP: 0060:[<c01e878f>] Tainted: P
EFLAGS: 00013046

EIP is at pci_read_config_dword [kernel] 0x2f (2.4.22-1.2115.nptl)
eax: 00000087 ebx: 00003246 ecx: 00000048 edx: 00000000
esi: 00000000 edi: f7ff2000 ebp: c2345780 esp: c2345750
ds: 0068 es: 0068 ss: 0068
Process X (pid: 45, stackpage=c2345000)
Stack: f704fc00 c23457ac c011122c f704f800 00003099 f88322ee 00000000 00000048
c234577c f884140e f704f000 00000000 c2345790 f884bfbd 00000000 00000048
c23457bc f88445d6 f704f800 00000000 00000048 f8a0b580 c22a0000 f704fc00
Call Trace: [<c011122c>] pci_conf1_read_config_dword [kernel] 0x4c (0xc2345758)
[<f88322ee>] os_pci_read_dword [nvidia] 0x20 (0xc2345764)
[<f884140e>] _nv001370rm [nvidia] 0x2e (0xc2345774)
[<f884bfbd>] _nv001241rm [nvidia] 0x11 (0xc2345784)
[<f88445d6>] _nv000171rm [nvidia] 0x22a (0xc2345794)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc23457a4)
[<f8847ea7>] _nv001749rm [nvidia] 0x167 (0xc23457c0)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc23457d0)
[<f8850336>] rm_update_agp_config [nvidia] 0xe (0xc23457fc)
[<f8830e98>] nv_agp_init [nvidia] 0x78 (0xc2345808)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc234580c)
[<f8a34b0c>] _nv001760rm [nvidia] 0x6c (0xc2345810)
[<f8a34b30>] _nv001760rm [nvidia] 0x90 (0xc2345814)
[<f8a34b48>] _nv001760rm [nvidia] 0xa8 (0xc2345818)
[<f8a34aa0>] _nv001760rm [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc234581c)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345820)
[<f8a34aa0>] _nv001760rm [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc234582c)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345830)
[<f884dd4c>] _nv001274rm [nvidia] 0x7c (0xc2345838)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc234583c)
[<f8a34b0c>] _nv001760rm [nvidia] 0x6c (0xc2345840)
[<f8a34b30>] _nv001760rm [nvidia] 0x90 (0xc2345844)
[<f8a34b48>] _nv001760rm [nvidia] 0xa8 (0xc2345848)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345854)
[<f8850ef9>] _nv000899rm [nvidia] 0x7e9 (0xc2345860)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345870)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345874)
[<f88dc0c2>] _nv006308rm [nvidia] 0x1e (0xc23458a0)
[<f89c0ba1>] _nv006300rm [nvidia] 0xd59 (0xc23458b4)
[<f8868ce7>] _nv005199rm [nvidia] 0x17 (0xc23458c0)
[<f884140e>] _nv001370rm [nvidia] 0x2e (0xc23458dc)
[<f884bf08>] _nv001212rm [nvidia] 0x10 (0xc23458fc)
[<f89bcff1>] _nv000406rm [nvidia] 0x4d1 (0xc2345904)
[<f884d8cb>] _nv001016rm [nvidia] 0x3b (0xc234590c)
[<f89bcff1>] _nv000406rm [nvidia] 0x4d1 (0xc2345918)
[<f89bcff1>] _nv000406rm [nvidia] 0x4d1 (0xc2345920)
[<f884d91c>] _nv001228rm [nvidia] 0x28 (0xc234592c)
[<f8a0cc00>] _nv000797rm [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345934)
[<f89179cb>] _nv001532rm [nvidia] 0x1f (0xc234593c)
[<f88645c8>] _nv004240rm [nvidia] 0x180 (0xc2345958)
[<f8871e5d>] _nv003333rm [nvidia] 0x10ed (0xc2345980)
[<f89179cb>] _nv001532rm [nvidia] 0x1f (0xc2345c04)
[<f89181b1>] _nv003619rm [nvidia] 0x19 (0xc2345c20)
[<f8841b0a>] _nv001344rm [nvidia] 0x22 (0xc2345c2c)
[<f883304b>] _nv005593rm [nvidia] 0x13 (0xc2345c48)
[<f8832f20>] _nv005594rm [nvidia] 0x14 (0xc2345c5c)
[<f8841c95>] _nv001338rm [nvidia] 0x1d (0xc2345c70)
[<f884d472>] _nv001223rm [nvidia] 0x12 (0xc2345c8c)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345c90)
[<f88ded17>] _nv003847rm [nvidia] 0x173 (0xc2345c98)
[<f8917e2f>] _nv001535rm [nvidia] 0x1f (0xc2345ca0)
[<f8832885>] _nv005601rm [nvidia] 0xd (0xc2345cb0)
[<f89179cb>] _nv001532rm [nvidia] 0x1f (0xc2345cb8)
[<f89181b1>] _nv003619rm [nvidia] 0x19 (0xc2345cd4)
[<f89179cb>] _nv001532rm [nvidia] 0x1f (0xc2345cdc)
[<f89181b1>] _nv003619rm [nvidia] 0x19 (0xc2345cf8)
[<f89607c4>] _nv001823rm [nvidia] 0x2c (0xc2345d0c)
[<f8910c42>] _nv002279rm [nvidia] 0xa2 (0xc2345d38)
[<f88f9f23>] _nv003832rm [nvidia] 0x117 (0xc2345d68)
[<f884d472>] _nv001223rm [nvidia] 0x12 (0xc2345d88)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345d8c)
[<f88fbb71>] _nv003785rm [nvidia] 0x5d (0xc2345d94)
[<f892a6b5>] _nv003612rm [nvidia] 0x1c5 (0xc2345dc8)
[<f8851a79>] _nv006208rm [nvidia] 0x39 (0xc2345dec)
[<f88fba35>] _nv003831rm [nvidia] 0x65 (0xc2345dfc)
[<f88547f2>] _nv005643rm [nvidia] 0x96 (0xc2345e1c)
[<f884d472>] _nv001223rm [nvidia] 0x12 (0xc2345e34)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345e38)
[<f883fc2b>] _nv001218rm [nvidia] 0x6b (0xc2345e40)
[<f88fc2b4>] _nv000012rm [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345e58)
[<f88fc1ab>] _nv003805rm [nvidia] 0x2a3 (0xc2345e78)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345eac)
[<f883109a>] nv_start_rc_timer [nvidia] 0x86 (0xc2345eb4)
[<f89b4762>] .rodata [nvidia] 0x1002 (0xc2345ebc)
[<f88502e1>] rm_ioctl [nvidia] 0x19 (0xc2345ec8)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345ecc)
[<f882fb47>] nv_kern_ioctl [nvidia] 0x2d3 (0xc2345ee4)
[<f8a0b580>] nv_linux_devices [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345ee8)
[<c01155d4>] mtrr_ioctl [kernel] 0x434 (0xc2345f2c)
[<c0144b50>] get_empty_filp [kernel] 0x50 (0xc2345f40)
[<c0144d95>] fput [kernel] 0xd5 (0xc2345f7c)
[<f882f874>] nv_kern_ioctl [nvidia] 0x0 (0xc2345f90)
[<c015374c>] sys_ioctl [kernel] 0xbc (0xc2345f94)
[<c01099df>] system_call [kernel] 0x33 (0xc2345fc0)

Code: 8b 46 10 8b 50 30 8b 44 24 20 89 4c 24 04 89 34 24 89 44 24
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