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Default Re: Mandrake 9.2 GeForce driver problems

Originally posted by soulinthemachin
...If I try installing the 5328 drivers, they appear to work fine, but all 3D apps run very slow (glxgears gives 6.2fps). (I've updated my XF86Config-4 file as requested).
I also tried uninstalling the 5328 drivers and installing the 4363 ones as suggested by Sarco.
As I've seen the 5328 drivers don`t work with Mandrake9.2, but the 4363 work good.


I installed my kernel-source.rpm, but the 4363 install routine gave me the following error:
unable to find kernel module 'nvidia.o'. This is most likely because the kernel module was built using the wrong header files.

I tried running the install again with --kernel-include-path /usr/src/linux-x.x.x/include/
but it still didn't work.

Any ideas?

There are some Possibilities:
- You used a wrong kernel-source (wrong version use # uname -r like described above)
- Did you uninstall the 5328? (nvidia-installer --uninstall)
- The 4363 tries to compile a Kernel module, have a look at the install process - there should be a message that the kernel module is compiled - I think that's the missing 'nvidia.o'.
- normally as root you should not have to set any path, I just installed the kernel-sources.rpm from the CD and the were found.

which kernel do you use?

Greetings Sarco
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