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Cool hrmmm #4, lol

I use a program called winesetuptk to setup my wine config file, that is located under /home/____/.wine I wonder if this has anything to do with it... probably not, but it seemed to 'autodetect' everything just fine. Man this is annoying, especially because I was just over my friends house playing CS, and then my other friends watching him play... ITS TORTURE lol. Honestly I probably wouldn't bother with the whole upcoming WineX scene if I had a better vidcard, and could run UT2003 better... UT2003 rocks, and I would probably forget about CS, but CS is becoming a 'classic' I thought Valve was doing a linux port of HL, but alas it is not true. My system is quite up to par for UT2003, except for the extreme bottlenecking of my Geforce 2 mx 200 PCI 64 SDRAM, sigh...

My specs are as follows:

Athlon XP 2200
512 'Generic' DDR
Geforce 2 mx 200 PCI 64 MB SDRAM
ECS K7S5A MOBO (Elitegroup owns...)
250 watt killer Panasonic bookshelf system w/ built in 6' cone woofers, tweeter, and regular speaker.
Skyhawk Alu. Case
27 gig Quantum HDD (5200 rpm, now that I moved to linux when I hear rpm, well nvmind lol)
4x Oldskool CD/RW drive (Some HP brand...)
I have the setup of a gamer, except the vidcard... and yet the OS of others.

However just because I get my ocasional feelings of wanting to injure someone, as the feeling of you are truly cappin some nappy mofo in CS... Once wrestling season starts my feelings of this will dissapate at least slighty... I am sure of this! And I will probably be more busy, and not think about playing my traditional 'CS.' But that does not mean that I am going to dual-boot my sys to winblo's XP 'coorperate edition' (If you know what I mean... hehe) Just to play CS. In the meantime I am determined to get this to work, and as usual if all else fails try harder. And if that doesn't work, keep trying. If that fails then devote more time, more effort, and try EVEN harder. And if that doesn't work, by the time your done you will probably be pretty old, and ready to die, so basically ummm.
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