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The Baron
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I have seen the light.

My specs:

1.4 TBird, not OC'd
GF3 (stock, non-Ti model)
512 DDR
WinXP Pro

First, I recommend setting texture detail to normal. Yes, normal. It runs better if you don't have that 128 megs of ram that the ******* GF4 users have.

Next... this will sound crazy, I know... disable the pagefile. Yes, disable it.

See, the difference between D3D and OGL is this...

D3D: slower, but more inclined to be smooth

OGL: WAY faster, but can get jittery like a small child that found your crack stash

Now, if you watch OGL normally, you'll see that when it pauses, the HD light goes on. It's because WinXP always uses a bit of the pagefile, so kill it dead. (don't do this in Win9x. it causes explosive diarrhea for your computer. not pretty..)

Turn off VSync.

Watch the Magic.
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