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Hi, I'm having quite same problem. I installed Fedora core 1 on a mobo with nForce2 IGP (integrated graphic/sound/nic/ieee1394), everything except the NIC works fine. The NIC was not recognized by Fedora.

So I downloaded the nForce chipset driver from

As there where no pre-compiled files for Fedora Core 1, I downloaded this file: NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.src.rpm

I compiled it (followed instructions in help file) and installed it. No error messages. After restart, the NIC is being detected by Fedora, but Fedora can't start it. At boot sequence it says; (translated from swedish) Starting
eth0: [FAILED]

In the graphical network card configuration in Fedora there are some
fields; IRQ, IO, IO1, IO2, DMA0, DMA1. They are all empty. Should
these be configured?
I haven't filled the IP field out, because my ISP uses DHCP.

The BIOS is set for Non PnP OS. And the integrated NIC is of course
activated (it worked when WinXP was installed on that computer).

Anyone else experienced any similar problems with nForce+Linux? It's
probably easy to solve, but I really am a newbie

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