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OK... thanks very much to TheReaper and Bwkaz for their great help here... with your instructions, I am now back on Linux WITH my 3D card running! YAAAAAY! Basically, I accomplished this by:

-Using 3Ddiag to determine where in the sequence the error was located (twice).

-Using the command "switch2nv" to go back to my old graphics setting.

-Once there (back in Linux with no 3D support again), I used the YaST online update to obtain the NVIDIA driver again (to make sure I had the correct matched pair).

-I then downloaded and installed the patches.

-Rebooted the system, only to find (using 3Ddiag again) that everything but the specific DRIVER was loading properly now.

-I then used the script "switch2nvidia_glx", rebooted, and all has worked.

-Of course, I then reset my screen to 1024x768 resolution and all that.

NOW, however, after doing all that, my QuakeIII CD will not "mount" (the software has already been installed, but I need the CD to run it cuz I don't know where the "launch"-type files are. It gives me the following error:

Could not mount device.
The reported error was:
/dev/cdrom: Input/output error
mount: I could not determine the filesystem type, and none was specified

Soooooooo... yeah. If you have any info again resulting in the fix of this, could you please assist me once again? I would once again appreciate it very much. I also help this thread helps anyone else with the same problem.

I know, I know.... I'm a damn newbie. It makes me sick as well ;-)
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